Back-to-school money tips

Student Legal Clinic

Student Legal Clinic

With the new semester underway, new expenses come along with it.  Here are some suggestions on managing your money.

  Manage your student loan debt.

Student loans can be perplexing.  Take the time to understand your loan.  Each semester, check the amount you have already borrowed and what your monthly payments and cumulative debt will be.

  Set financial goals.

Manage your own money by having your own bank account and debit card.  Using a debit card teaches you not to spend more than you have.  Know that bounced checks can hurt your credit history.

  Always pay your rent on time.

This will help you build good credit.  However, if something unavoidable happens and the rent will be late, call your landlord immediately to explain and try to pay at least a partial payment.

  Separate needs from wants.

When spending money, think about what is really important to you and what has lasting value. Don’t be pressured to spend money you don’t have.  Considering needs and wants help you to identify ways to save money and meet your goals.