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Dear JOBshop/InternConnect office,

I’m a new Promise student here at MATC. I saw your office for the first time the other day and I was wondering what it is that you do and how you can help me. Thanks!

Susie Q.

Dear Susie,

Thanks for the great question. Surprisingly the number one question that we get in our office is that exact question, and the short answer is: We provide resources to meet any job or career needs you might have. That’s just the short answer; we do many things for you during your time at MATC that can help you in the job market.

One of our main resources is our job board website, TechConnect is a website that is exclusively for students and graduates of the technical colleges here in Wisconsin, and it lists everything from part-time work for while you’re in school to opportunities to start your career when you graduate. Employers know of our many different programs and are looking to hire students like you because they know you have the experience they’re looking for. Plus, since TechConnect is only for students and graduates, you don’t have to compete with all the other job seekers in Milwaukee when you apply for those jobs.

Another great set of resources we offer are events, which we organize all year long. We usually start off the school year with our “jobs for students” job fair, focused on finding you an entry-level part-time job that requires little to no experience, and that will be manageable while you’re in school. We’ll also host various job fairs focused by industry, like our manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, and healthcare job fairs. It’s not all about job fairs, either; we’ll have different workshops during the school year too. Some of our workshops focus on writing and critiquing your résumé and cover letter, while others offer you a chance to do mock interviews. Our career readiness week at the end of the year is a whole series of workshops that helps prepare graduates to join the workforce.

Really Susie, I could go on and on with the different ways we could help you, but ultimately, I would suggest either stopping in our office to talk with us or checking out our website. Although the school year is coming to an end, we’re really excited for the new school year next fall, when we’ll be rolling out even more resources for you, like our workshops on soft skills, internships and our new InterviewStream software, which is an online mock interview site that can help you prepare for any big interviews you might have coming up.

Have a great summer, Susie!

Jim Fall

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