History-Making Editor-In-Chief Returns to Lead Times Staff

Magee was the Times’ First African- American to Hold the Position


Photo by Shantae Peace/MATC Times

New leaders of the Times working on a manual layout of the next issue in the newsroom. Pictured from left to right: Andrea Clunie, photo editor; Victoria Magee, editor-in-chief; Leah Fischer-Toerpe, opinions editor.

Victoria Magee has been appointed editor-in-chief of The MATC Times for the 2019-20 school year. Along with heading up the Times, Magee will be taking courses toward her degrees in Business Management and Human Resources.

This is Magee’s second stint as editor-in-chief of the Times. In 1987 she was appointed to the position by then Times adviser Tom Gould. She was the first African American appointed to the position in the history of the paper. She left MATC to pursue a career in the financial services industry in Chicago. After man-aging the Chicago branch office for Bolton Global Capital, the firm promoted her to vice president of compliance and she moved to the firm’s headquarters in Boston. While in Boston, Magee also worked as a special investigator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

When time permitted, she attended evening classes at Harvard Extension School. Ma-gee returned to Milwaukee due to family health concerns. “Being back in Milwaukee is a joy,” said Magee. “I think I have a greater appreciation for the city after being away for so long. Chicago and Boston were wonderful, but there is nothing like coming home,” she added. Magee’s interests include golfing, traveling, and of course, writing. The Times is looking for students from all campus locations to fill writing, graphic arts, and photography roles. Magee announced two appointments to the Times editorial staff. Andrea “Andi” Clunie was appointed as a photo editor and Leah Fischer-Toerpe as features editor. “We will be looking for brand new people to help fill various important positions on the staff this fall,” she said.

Andrea “Andi” Clunie prior to MATC, Clunie studied and worked in business, design, and engineering in a corporate environment. Part of her responsibilities allowed her to travel worldwide, which sparked her love for arts, culture, and imagery. She is pursuing an associate degree in photography and possibly a graphic design certificate. “My outlook for the Times is to encourage contributors to creatively represent issues and events through imagery,” said Clunie. “I hope to invigorate the readership with students’ compelling and interesting visuals,” she added. Clunie has not always been in good health. As a result, much of her free time and personal enjoyment comes from exercise. “I love weightlifting, taking ballet class and hiking. Beyond that, I’m a sucker for breakfast at any time of day and will more than likely have my camera in tow,” she joked.

Leah Fischer-Toerpe Prior to MATC, Fischer-Toerpe worked at the West Allis Public Library for 12 years as a library technician. “My outlook for the Times is to have a diverse group of writers covering a broad range of topics,” she said. “I want to focus on well-written, informative articles on subjects that are of particular interest to MATC students. Basically interesting articles that tell people something they didn’t know about a subject they care about.”

Anyone interested in joining this fun group of misfits who put the paper out every two weeks can stop by the newsroom in Room M240 at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, or see the Student Life coordinators at the Mequon, Oak Creek or West Allis campuses.