Better now than never: Academic Support Centers open to help


Photo by Pame Vang

Jamie Garris, Educational Assistance, works with MATC students in learning about the human body in the tutoring center on March 25.

Even if it’s halfway through the semester, the Academic Support Centers are working hard to help students that need it. The centers are important especially with finals just around the corner.
Academic Support Centers are a great resource for students. A student can go in and ask for help with a specific problem. If the student is not understanding the curriculum, there are usually tutors for every program and basic classes. Individuals can sit down with a student who is happy to explain and help.
The centers also provide test taking environments. If a student misses a test, the teacher can send the test to the Academic Support Center. Then the student can take the test there in the quiet environment. Some support centers also have their own computer lab. This means any student can go in and work on a computer if needed or if the other labs are crowded. It is a quiet and easy place to sit and work.
The Academic Support Centers are open until the end of the semester. If you need help, or are struggling with a class, visit the Academic Support Center at your campus. They are always willing to help!