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We want you, we need you

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The scenarios of a how we ended up as community college students may vary, but the fact is, we all predominately have the same goal in mind; graduate with high honors and be recognized for our academic achievements as we pursue our passions.

Praying that after two, three, maybe even four years of the monotonous hustle and bustle, our college degrees will open doors and pathways to opportunity and success.

When I first entered the doors of MATC’s Downtown Milwaukee campus in 2015, I was undoubtedly nervous and afraid. A single mother holding down a full-time job, with very little resources. I married young, owned a thriving small business, a two-story home and an adorable Yorkshire terrier. All of which I had lost by the time I decided to pursue a college career in interior design.

I was uncertain to say the least, but I was sure that I was going to make the most of the opportunity; giving it my very best. It wasn’t until the new student orientation that I was enlightened on additional opportunities to be involved, not only as a student but as a community activist in some regard. I was excited that I could be a part of something outside of the classroom that would create an enriching experience.

I was convinced that joining a college-lead organization, team, club or group would lead to new, awesome networking opportunities and friendships. There is a world outside of our classroom walls, and it is one that all should consider exploring.

The feeling of selfless giving and making a contribution that will benefit others is second to none. The voice of the student body is the most important. Our involvement in any organization or club can pave the way for a better college experience for our colleagues and the future students of MATC.

Regarding my college career, joining the MATC Times has been one of the best decisions I have made. It has aided in my relationship and team-building skills and has  been a great addition to my résumé.

I have been fortunate to travel across states to be educated by speakers, writers and authors from all over the United States; who possess an outstanding knowledge base in the world of design and media. To top it off, the icing on the cake, the Times feeds us at every meeting provided by the cooks here at MATC; it doesn’t get any better than that!

Seriously, being a part of this organization has given me an appreciation for college outside the realm of the sometimes cumbersome classroom.

It’s refreshing to work among my peers in a setting that allows us to educate and inform our students on real-world and real-life issues. I thank MATC for offering these outlets, and I strongly encourage all students to consider joining an organization, even if for only a semester. The fact is we need you, and we want you!

So contact an adviser, or visit MATC’s website,, to find an organization that could positively shape and enhance your college experience.
Hope to see you soon!

Five reasons for joining a student organization

Better Grades and Time Management

By joining a student organization, you will enhance your time managment skills because you will have other projects or deadlines to complete outside of the ones for your classes. You will learn how to create this balance between involvement and school. Studies show that working about 20 hours a week or less can actually raise your GPA, so get involved!


You may have opportunities to network with professionals in the fields you are interested in.  Meeting new students, making connections and building relationships will all help down the line when you’re looking for a job. Because you’re all part of the same organization, you know the people you’re meeting have at least a few of the same interests as you, so their connections will be valuable.


Depending on the kind of organization you join, you can gain a ton of valuable experience. Employers don’t only look at the grades you received in classes you took. They also want to see what experience that comes with. If you want extra experience outside of your major classes, there might be a student organization tied to your major that you could join. Check with your instructor or your Student Life Office for more information.


Joining a student organization is an easy, quick way to meet people. Starting at college can be scary, and joining a student organization can help you transition to college life. If you’re nervous about how to go about talking to new people, don’t worry! Lots of organizations facilitate icebreakers early on when new students join, and if the club really is something you’re interested in, it’ll be easy to talk about your interests with other members.


Besides all of the real-world skills you can get from a student organization, you can also have a lot of fun! The other members will become some of your closest friends and biggest cheerleaders, all while you get to do something you love. Whether it’s a campus activities club, a big fundraiser for your favorite charity, or a food-tasting club, you can make new memories you didn’t think of before.

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