Milwaukee Community members “March for Our Lives”


Photo by Carol M Starr/ Times

Participants walk down State Street in Milwaukee.

Student and community members rallied together Saturday, March 24, marching from the Milwaukee County Courthouse to Red Arrow Park to protest the numerous incidents of gun violence all over the United States.

Marchers protested in solidarity under the theme “protect lives, not guns.” Students across the nation are urging politicians and leaders to take gun violence and school shootings seriously and start making changes today.

The devastation of the most recent school shooting that stole the lives of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., prompted students all over the country into action.

The protest that took place on March 24 was a part of a statewide effort to call attention to school violence, with protests taking place in La Crosse, Green Bay and Madison as well.

Photo by Michael Dozier/ Times
Priests join the crowd protesting current gun laws.
Photo by Jessica Schuerman/Times
The Beginning of the March For Our Lives march to City Hall.
Photo by Jessica Schuerman/ Times
One of the many participants attending the March for our Lives on March 24th.
Photo by Asiya A. Mohamed/Times
We call B.S becasue her future doesn’t need gun violence.
Photo by Asiya A. Mohamed/Times
Protesters get emotional as the march for gun control takes over the streets.
Photo by Lucia Balistreri/Times
A marcher holds her handmade sign with dignity.
Photo by Lucia Balistreri/Times
A marcher holds up a handmade sign with a hypothetical text message sent to a parent.