Students delight the ears of Mayfair shoppers


Photo by Pame Vang

Music Occupations student Tiffany Natter performs at Mayfair Mall.

Shoppers were captivated and calmed by the sweet melodies sung by Music Occupations student Jordin Baas, accompanied by her nimble strumming of her guitar. Baas smiled as she pulled ears closer to her performance.  Her effortless flow combined perfectly with the robust beat kept by fellow student Josh Wilke as the two entertained the passersby in the Mayfair Mall food court.
The duo is participating in a student-raised scholarship fund to help support the Music Occupations program at MATC. Mayfair Mall has partnered with the School of Media and  Creative Arts to create the opportunity to perform at the shopping venue.
“It’s a lot of fun to do something to give back to the fund,” said Wilke.
“It’s also a chance for students to break the ice by playing in front of live crowds without it becoming too intimidating because it’s a food court,” Baas added.