On Holiday: Rest, or Test by Teresa Rae Butler scene editor

Ah, the vacations. It’s supposed to be a time to visit friends and family, spreading holiday cheer, getting some much needed sleep or just catching up with a good book. It’s a time when Grandma flips that bird… in the oven when Grandpa yells, “You can rest when you die!” Most certainly, it’s a gathering of tradition and moments to laugh at and cherish.  I love it when you’ve hustled all semester, finishing assignments, cramming for exams and making the grade, only to feel complete victory. If you’ve outdone yourself, then you can truly enjoy the seasons. For many students, it was a long hard journey, because even for a kid out of high school, college is tough. It gets even tougher if you’re a person with a job, or if you have kids or pets to care for, or even if you’re in a relationship.


All of these examples take even more time out of your schedule, so the holiday might even mean, “Me time.” I personally would rather choose rest and relaxation on any given break, and therefore would want to bustle even more before they arrive to ensure some peace and clearance. There is nothing like “having,” to beat the traffic, “having, ” to beat the clock and the deadline. It can be so dramatic at times where people often give up, creating a break.


I think that there is a lot to be said about a person who goes the extra mile to just be able to sit down with nothing to do. It means you’ve done it already. Now, I cannot stop there and leave it there. There’s also a lot to be said of the individual who chooses to get off on the exit ramp after that extra mile. Maybe you’ve had a holiday every weekend? Maybe you’re so busy that you could really use the opportunity in a strategic way to stay afloat? Maybe you see a bigger reward worth sitting out for by working? To foresee an advantage of getting ahead on a vacation takes commitment, focus and drive. In, fact, if I had not been the “no break this season,” girl a time or two, then perhaps I would not know about pushing to the limit to be able to really kick back, put my feet up and enjoy myself. So, if you must test, then use the gift of time, and if you’ve already done so, simply relish and unwind. Cheers to you and yours.