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Organization helping with spiritual needs

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Intervarsity is a nationally recognized organization in over 600 campuses, including most major universities. Their purpose is to be a multi-ethnic community, seeking transformation with the Bible, in order to reach out to the needs of the people here at MATC. This is the second year for the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship student organization.

“Intervarsity is an organization where every life, including faculty, can be touched, building relationships and sharing the gospel with students. In the communities throughout the campuses, we are bold, broad, specializing in ethnical diversity,” said Kindra Meier, baking and pastry arts program student.

Amanda Kilponen, program advisor of Intervarsity, stated, “Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.”

“Given the divisiveness all over the country, helping individuals to see the love of Christ poured out, is so exciting, so fulfilling,” Kilponen expressed.

In the upcoming future, Intervarsity expressed, holding several community activities, including seasonal conferences, where students can become leaders of their own ideas,  visions, and needs that they feel would be successful in the communities.

Kilponen expressed looking forward to starting more groups, small or large, throughout the semester. Meeting in open areas like the cafeteria, or more secluded areas like the 6th Street Cafe.

In October a fall conference will be held at the Wisconsin Dells. All are welcomed, and are urged to engage. For more information contact Kilponen via email (

Meier recalled one of her most memorable meetings. “There was a student that I witnessed to, in a group meeting. That day the topic was ‘Where do you find hope from?’ Initially the student was quieted and weighed down, in need, and literally came to tears toward the end of the session by sharing and praying. How that student was transformed, to see that, gave me more hope and confidence, which put tears in my very own eyes. That student today has been transformed, with the hope that Christ gives.”

Intervarsity is open to all. Being a member and active participant requires only that you  be a student, coming as you are.

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Organization helping with spiritual needs