Downtown campus library getting much needed facelift


Photo by Jose Dehoyos

Library manager Jeff Grossman stands next to one of many bookstacks on the first floor.

Dramatic changes have been occurring to MATC’s downtown campus library.
Construction began on May 22 by completely tearing down the old façade. It had been 40 years since any form of renovation had been done to this area of the campus.
According to manager of Library and Information Services Jeff Grossman, “Work needed to be done in order to provide students with as many services as possible in as few areas.”
Grossman was referring to the new spiral staircase that is going to tie the information area on the second floor to the new library.
Librarian Cynthia Cherny stated, “Most of us are looking forward to the new space and the connection to the second floor, which will allow us to better serve the students.”
In the meantime, students are able to utilize the south end of the cafeteria as the temporary site of the library until construction and renovation are completed by October 15.