Ringleberg carries on legacy


Photo by Wendi Coon

Halle Ringelberg (#6) is a middle hitter and a co-captain. Ringelberg is in the Early Childhood Education program.

Since the age of two, Halle Ringelberg has been playing volleyball as a sport and has kept a family tradition of sports alive in her household. Her father, a football coach, aided and assisted in grooming and discipline.
“Dad said, ‘Never give up and keep doing what you love because it will only make you better,’” Ringleberg recalled.
As the middle hitter on the team, Ringelberg’s strongest actions and reactions are blocking and serving. She’s a team player that gives 100 percent on and off the volleyball court.
“We deserved more wins this season,” Ringleberg said in response to a question about her team’s performance this year. “We’ll do better next season.”
Ringleberg has a favorite environment to play in and it’s not the hardwood MATC competes on. “Outside because that’s where I learned how to play and feel more comfortable.”
Ringelberg studies early childhood development and nurturing. “I love working with kids,” she said. “I’m a very nice, kind and heartwarming person.”