OK Go brings unique brand of fun to Turner Hall


Photo by Kirsten Schmitt

Bassist Tim Nordwind from Ok Go gets the crowd going at a recent concert at Turner Hall Ballroom. Nordwind was inspired by his grandfather.

OK Go started in Chicago in 1998 as a quartet. They moved to Los Angeles three years later and have since transformed into the wonderful, well-known band they are today. Some of their songs like “Writing on the Wall” and “Turn up the Radio” were inspired by the troubles and issues that helped them grow the band.
One thing for sure is that their music is upbeat, easy to listen to and stick with. There are minimal cuss words or other words that a person would feel uncomfortable with. It makes their fan base larger because they don’t need to swear just to get the point across. It makes the fans feel more comfortable.
Along with the wording of the songs, the music is not screechy like some rock bands. Rock bands like to scream into the microphone and use lots and lots of bass to make them sound great in the album or while live. Some people don’t like the fact they are blasted by the bass and hear the thumping more than they hear the words.
OK Go used minimal bass throughout their Friday, Oct. 10 performance at Turner Hall Ballroom, which let the concertgoers hear the words clearly and still move with the beat.  Their music is addicting in a good way.
The band loves to make their shows memorable and likes to get the audience involved. They didn’t just stop their latest concert in Milwaukee to do one question and answer session – they did it twice.  What made this memorable was that they actually answered the questions that were asked. This is one of the only bands that actually answers the question before going to the next song. It makes the fans feel important.
What they also did to make the fans feel important was make them clap, stomp and do different noises with their mouths to be the percussion of one of their songs. It appeared that everyone had fun doing this. The band giving the audience feedback about their performance also made the fans get that sparkle in their eyes.
OK Go is a rock band that understands that making their audience happy means that they will stay fans for a long time. They love to have fun with the audience, from confetti cannons to flashing lights to the video they made to introduce themselves to the crowd. The video was made up of clips from different movies and TV shows, all using the words okay and go. It was well-made and made the audience interested.
OK Go is a rock band that plenty of people enjoy, and it is family friendly. The music is actually really good, too. They love to have fun and make their concerts memorable. Going to one of their concerts is worthwhile and highly recommended.