Grad helps out at Open House


Photo by Jose Dehoyos

Associate in Arts accelerated program graduate Veronika Greco (L) gives potential students advice at the Oak Creek campus Open House on Oct. 17.

October 17, the Oak Creek campus held its Open House event. High school students and adults looking to come back, or further their education, visited the event.

Among one of the tables was a former graduate of the Associate in Arts accelerated program in Mequon. Veronika Greco, a 2014 graduate, former Times newspaper editor and graduation speaker, who is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee (UWM) campus, was giving other students some very important advice.

For students who want to transfer to a four- year program, she gave information that route. Her motto is “If I can do it, you can do it!” Greco was very adamant about her involvement with MATC. She called it her home and how she missed it.

Greco was out of school for 33 years, but the Associate in Arts accelerated program was tailored to what she needed. She found the online program well suited to her life as a mother with children. As a student who took online classes, Greco wants everyone to know, if you have problems, you can go to your professor and get the help that you need. “There is no limit to what a student can do,” said Greco. She also added, “You have to have an education in this day and age. It’s attainable for anyone who wants to do it!” 

Those who have talked with Greco can immediately see how enthusiastic she is about what she does, and how she conveys the message on education and its importance. We wish Greco the best and hope to see more of her involvement in the future.