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Photo by Jose Dehoyos

Bernard Funches, a Liberal Arts program student, reaches into one of two new newsstand kiosks at the West Allis Campus.

Signal Campus is one of the leading distributors of outdoor advertising. They have created a positive relationship with businesses and colleges to get advertising to the masses.

Bob Hanson, faculty adviser to the MATC Times, met with some of the individuals at a college newspaper convention.

Hanson stated, “This is great revenue for The Times.” MATC was one of the first schools in the Midwest to have these kiosks installed.

Signal Campus installs and maintains the kiosks. They provide the advertisement for businesses wishing to get their messages across campuses and to others at a local level, targeting the 18 – 24 age demographic.

They have a total of 10 outdoor newsstand kiosks. Four were originally installed in 2014 at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus. This spring two additional stands were added at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus along with two at the Oak Creek and  two at the  West Allis campuses.

Hanson stated, “Signal Campus built, installed and maintains the stands and they in turn send the Times a commission check. This is great revenue for the Times newspaper.”

Patrice Jefferies from the West Allis Office of Student Life said, “What I like, is that people from the community can now grab our MATC Times newspaper and see what we’re all about!”