Rostam, Joy Again, captivate audience at Turner Hall


Photo by Lucia Balistreri

Rostam Batmanjlij, singing along with his group of string players.

A few talented artists hit the stage at Turner Hall Feb. 12. The opening act was a pop band called Joy Again based out of Philadelphia. These boys rocked the stage and  got the crowd pumped up for the opening act, Rostam.

Rostam Batmanglij is formally known as the lead singer for Vampire Weekend, but as of recently, he took his career in a new direction and went solo.  This up-and-coming solo artist seems to have made a good decision leaving the band, judging by the crowd’s reaction to him. His lyrics reached everyone, as his fan base ranges from young to old.

Batmanglij took the audience on an emotional journey through his set, the teenagers in the front were singing along as couples further in the back danced to his music. You can really see the passion Batmanglij has for his music,  and he put on a spectacular performance.

Photo by Lucia Balistreri
Rostam Batmanglij serenading the crowd.
Photo by Lucia Balistreri
Arthur Shea, lead guitarist.