Tennis team storms over Oakton


Photo by Shane W Potter

Alexandra Walter shows off her overhand serving skills.

On Oct. 5, the women’s Stormers tennis team took on Oakton College at the iconic Helfaer Tennis Stadium located on the southwest end of Marquette University. The Stormers outperformed Oakton College with perfection.
MATC went through the day undefeated, winning every singles match 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as taking victories for doubles matches 1 and 2. They ended the day with a perfect match record of 6-0, sweeping Oakton College entirely.
For first-year Stormer Lydia Stalle it was a big day. Not only did Stalle earn her first singles tennis match win, but she had dominated doubles matchup play as well, earning another win with teammate Ally Walter. “It felt really good to see all my hard work pay off. Coach Monroe is a really motivating and passionate coach, so it felt really good to see his reaction as well,” stated Stalle.
Rick Monroe commented, “Lydia has a great work ethic and always shows up with a great attitude. She earned her wins and I’m proud to see how she’s progressed through the year.” He continued, “We are a no-cut team. If anyone is looking to play we’re open to having them. Lydia came into our season with a four-year break from tennis, but with her competitive mentality she has really shown she can compete at this level.”
Monroe has been described as an excellent mentor of the game and has led the Stormers to another regional tournament berth this season where they’ll be competing at Moraine Valley Community College.