Fiserv Forum Tour Takes Visitors Behind the Scenes


Photo by Celine Cotton

This montage of portraits and player stats pays homage to the history of the Bucks. It is the first jewel you will see on your behind-the-scenes tour. The 90-minute walking tour is $15 per person. Top of page: The signature wall in the green room includes messages from Justin Timberlake and Josh Groban.

The walking tour of the Fiserv Forum may be one of the biggest secrets on Sixth Street. For a fee of $15 you get to experience spaces in the building typically exclusive to professional athletes and entertainers.

Tours are given by forum staffers who are as entertaining as they are knowledgable. Did you know that the Fiserv contains over 818 televisions and over 600 Wi-Fi antennas? Now you do.

“We have been doing the tours since April,” said John Steinmiller, vice president of operations for the Milwaukee Bucks. “I enjoy getting a chance to show off the best building in the league several times a week,” he added.

The tours start in Marquette University men’s basketball team’s locker room before heading directly to the Bucks locker room. Both facilities are state of the art with all of the comforts necessary to help motivate the teams to victory. You’ll even get an opportunity to visit the players’ shower room where the shower heads are mounted 10 feet high.

Tours are expected to continue through October. Check the website for availability


Photo by Celine Cotton
Marquette Locker room FISERV
Photo by Celine Cotton