Fast Fund Gala a Success

Fast Fund held its fund-raising gala at Flores  Hall last month during which there was a silent auction, speeches by local dignitaries, including Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes, a tribute to  Mary Anne Gross, and heart-felt stories told by the charity’s recipients Agel Vega, Bria Burris,  and Ann Perry. The non-profit organization was established to help students with funds during emergency situations. 

 Baking and pastries program student Perry’s experience is not unlike many of the college’s students who deal with food insecurities. While sitting in class Perry’s classmates knew something was not quite right when they saw her in class that day. After many questions of concern, she felt compelled to disclose her issue.  “I was hungry because I had not eaten for three days,” she said. “My teacher, Kathleen Meising er, overheard the conversation. She pulled me  aside after class, walked me over to a computer,  and said fill out this application.” The application Perry’s instructor pointed out was the Fast  Fund. That was her first introduction to the organization.

Since the beginning of the year, Fast Fund has assisted a record breaking 170 students. For more information go to their website at: .

Baking and pastries program student Ann Perry tells the crowd of her appreciation for the Fast Fund’s ability to provide help to her during her time of need. (Photo by Veronica Rosas/MATC Times)
The FAST Fund Gala is the organization’s biggest fund raiser of