A full season of sports expected in the Fall

Stormer sports are coming back this year, something the college has not seen in nearly two seasons.

“We will be back to normal for our sports seasons,” said athletic director and head basketball coach, Randy Casey. “Volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, and women’s tennis will play in the fall.  Men’s and women’s basketball in the winter, and baseball, softball, and men’s tennis in the spring.”

COVID-19’s reach affected last year’s sports in a big way, pushing many seasons further back than normal.

Tennis, basketball, baseball, and softball all participated in their 2020 seasons. However, nearly half of those participating team’s games got canceled during last season.

Soccer and volleyball did not play during 2020, making it nearly two years since the school fielded a roster in both sports.

One of those teams, volleyball, will be the first team to play this year. They play their home and season opener in a tri-match on August 28 at Alverno College’s Reiman Gym, 3401-3499 S 39th St, in Milwaukee. The team will start conference play on September 7, against Joliet Community College.

COVID-19 hit at the end of the 2020 basketball season, halting all winter and spring sports. This was most notably the case for the 32-1 men’s basketball team, ranked first in the season’s division 2 NJCAA tournament.

Students will be back on campus this fall, and one can only hope that there is the same blend of athletics and student activity the school hasn’t felt since early 2020.

Stormers Sports
The entirety of Stormers’ sports returns for a new year after canceled soccer and volleyball seasons and partial basketball, tennis, baseball, and softball seasons. Photo: History-making 2019-2020 men’s basketball team celebrating another victory. Photo: MATC Athletics Department