Stormer basketball player does double duty with Bucks

Melvin Lee III tumbles and dunks during every Bucks game as part of the Rim Rockers


Stormer’s point guard Melvin Lee III practicing with the team under the watchful eye of coach of the year Randy Casey. Lee spends his time away from Stormers basketball entertaining Milwaukee Bucks fans with his dunking troop at halftime.

The MATC Stormers’ men’s basketball team started on fire this year with an overall 7-0 win-streak. Melvin Lee III, a junior and point guard for the Stormers, is definitely in good spirits for the season.

“I feel like all the players just bought in to the coaches’ idea of playing fast,” the Milwaukee native said of the status of the team now compared to last year, “I feel like we’re a better defensive team. We share the ball a lot more, and I feel like this team just really bought into the plan.”

Lee has been playing basketball nearly his whole life, and after graduating from high school in 2017, he managed to secure his position on the MATC Stormers roster. Lee took great pride in picking MATC as his choice pursuing basketball.

“I felt like MATC was a great choice for what I want to do in life, and it’s a good way to be at home close with my family, go to school, and still play basketball,” he said.

Lee, who scored an impressive 11 points during a game against Bay College Norse, knows this year’s basketball season will be different from last year’s season.

“I personally just feel like the intensity, coming off the bench, and then starting the game — we just come with more intensity. And I feel like the players, we went to nationals last year, so we got a lot of players that played on that team,” he said, “So, we got a lot of experience, and we just know where we want to get and what we want get out of this season.”

The young point guard isn’t dreaming just of playing basketball in the future, he also has a few other plans up his sleeve.

“I’m going to school for business management. I do work for the Milwaukee Bucks, and I also work at school,” Lee said. “I want to sell clothes, and I want to have
my own store. Eventually I want to start my own fashion line.”

Lee plans to continue his education in the future as well as secure a spot on a Division I basketball level at UWM or out of state.

“I would love to play on a Division I level. I just want to play on a big stage, and just see all those lights. I’ve been playing basketball all my life, so that’s a dream of mine,” he said.

Be sure to check out Melvin’s performances during halftime at the Fiserv Forum, and on game nights with the MATC Stormers.