Downtown Milwaukee campus club recruitment week gathers participants


Photo by Leo Strong

At the MATC Downtown Milwaukee campus on the second floor of the S-building was Club Recruitment Week. Representing StWEA were Taisha Moore, Teacher Education program and Joshua Reed, Education Foundations Track student, StWEA is a student organization for future educators to network, volunteer and facilitate students who want to become teachers for public schools in Wisconsin.

The MATC club recruitment week was held Monday, Sept. 14 through Thursday, Sept. 17. The students got the chance to speak with specialists from various groups to engage them in becoming a part of organizations that can help season their future careers and interests.

Some of the participants were the League of Student Voters and the Animation Club getting the interests of passers-by to set them up with appointments, adding their names to email lists and sign up sheets.

Some clubs had informative display tables, such as the Student Wisconsin Education Association, which helps students know where to look for additional sources on how to become a teacher or a better instructor. They offered key information on early childhood education, birth through second grade, and kindergarten through 12th grade. The World Language Culture Club set out a vibrant colored table with ethnic decor from around the world, enticing onlookers to try speaking something new.

In all, it was another successful, great week to sign up for more options in the right direction.