The Healthy Slice

The Healthy Slice

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Summer scorcher survival hacks

Bill Nye the Science Guy said, “Having a fan blowing in is a good idea―but it’s not as effective as one that’s blowing out,” and for good reason. The summer heat waves are approaching fast and we need all the known and unknown tips reminded to us. Here is a quick rundown of the unofficial, MATC Summer Survival Guide.

1. Point your fan facing out of the window to suck hot air out and pull cooler air in.

2. Load up on cool drinks made with ingredients like cucumbers, berries, lemons and watermelon for natural electrolytes, and snack on icy-cool treats of frozen fruit. The body loses water, so it’s all about replenishing.

3. Keep a cool, damp cloth on hand. Not only can one wipe the salty sweat away, but can also catch a soothing sensation on the heated skin. You can also use the towel to whirl in the air and create a fanning effect.

4. If feet are healthy, wear open toed shoes such as flip-flops. Socks and shoes create trapped heat for the body to contain. Freed feet allow heat to escape.

5. Stay indoors in a cooler environment when heat advisories are warning to stay indoors. For crying out loud, stay indoors where it’s safe. It’s a state of emergency for good reason. Extreme heat is, in fact, life threatening.

6. Wear a hat or carry an umbrella. The beatdown of sunrays on the head can be a beast, and to be protected is wise.

7. If you do not have central air, find free or low-cost places to visit that do. Many people frequent a public museum on a free day or visit their favorite restaurant for a few hours on hot days. The patronage also pays for the protection against heat. The car ride over can be nice too.

8. Carry a mini fan. The Dollar Tree often sells the battery- operated devices by the crates. Invest in one.

9. Make a fan. Cardboard is great to cut out for a makeshift fan. You can even design it to your liking.

10. Go swimming. Nothing like water to dip into and bring body temperatures down. Check with your local pools and beaches for hours and regulations.

Know of any cool tips? Be sure to tell someone about them this summer.

Also, on the really hot days be sure to tell people where you are at just in case you need to be checked on. It’s sure to be a scorcher!

Be safe and smart out there.